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Urbanspoon – Juniors Restaurant


Junior's Restaurant on Urbanspoon
This place is smack dab in the center of broadway. Easily accessible
from pretty much any of the plays or musicals in the area.

The space is huge, very spacious and comfortable. Service is pretty
good too. Initially we were to be seated by an open door and
anticipating that we may become cold we asked for a different seat.

“We’ll find you another seat, let’s go. It’s better now than after you
start eating.”

The servers were very friendly, joked with us, and took care us all
night. No issues whatsoever.

The bathrooms were very clean and seemed like they keep a regular
schedule in regards to bathroom cleanliness. But this isn’t a surprise
considering the location.

Now on to the food. I had a cheddar steak burger, this came with onion
rings, GIANT onion rings and steak fries. I really enjoyed the dish.

The burger was cooked properly, and though it was a big burger, it
wasn’t exceptionally messy or sloppy. Probably as perfect a burger as
I’ve had pretty much anywhere.

The steak fries were delicious, I ate my portion plus a small portion
of my wife’s. They were nice and crispy on the outside, but nice and
soft once you bite into them. Yummy.

The onion rings were pretty good too, but too much for me. Too much
batter, delicious all the same.

For dessert I shared a vanilla ice cream with my wife. What can I say
about that? It was ice cream. My friends had the cheese cake, and
apparently if you like cheesecake then this is the place to have it.

We were lucky, we were seated pretty much as soon as we walked in,
apparently it’s usually more crowded and there is a wait.

This was a great place, and whenever in the area I’ll eat here. I’d
never been here before, thanks to Phil for introducing us to this

One final point, cost wise this place is very affordable. For 4 of us,
the total bill was $65 or so.

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