Utah Lawmakers debate sexual consent

Okay, I don’t care what political party you represent, some things are just basic common sense. If a person is unconscious, how can they possibly consent to sexual relations? The fact that this is even been debated is absolutely ridiculous to me. It is common sense!

This is just a clear example of division. “No matter how much sense you make, I have to go against you because I have to!” One of the gentlemen says “If your wife is sleeping, and you have sex with her, she could then claim rape based off of this bill.” Well, man, if your wife wants to claim that you raped her because you jumped on her when she was knocked out, I’d say that your marriage has problems, and you probably should of seeing that coming. Not to mention that you’d probably want to wake her up before sex!

This is ridiculous, and I expect this bill to be completely passed. If it doesn’t, I’d say shame on these politicians!

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Angel Rodriguez

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