Vasectomy One month Update

So according to any google search that you do on a vasectomy, recovery time is supposed to be about 10 days or so, at most. Well, screw that! I’m one month in and though I feel better and the wound is nearly healed up and closed, my balls are still sensitive and hurt a bit if I touch certain areas. Also, if I try to run or jump around, I feel some discomfort in the general area. I think it’s still healing inside, I mean they did cut and burn my vas deferens after all.

I mentioned before that my buddy told me that it took him about 4-6 weeks to feel okay again and I’m still within that time frame. I’ve read about some people who have life long testicular pain after a vasectomy and that’s just terrifying. I really hope that I am just a slow healer and continue to get better.

I spoke to my doctor about a week ago and he said that I should be better by now, but that everyone is different. For now, he said there is no need to be worried. So one month later, I’m better, but still on the recovery journey.

2 weeks from now they will examine my semen to see if there is any sperm left over or if I am sterile. We’ll see then how my balls feel and go from there I guess.

So is anyone willing to share their experiences with vasectomy? Most of what I find is Doctor’s sites and they all say, “Quick Recovery, 10 days.” If you are willing to share, please do so in the comments or reach out for the podcast.

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