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Video messaging with GLIDE.

A friend of mine asked me to try out this new app called “Glide.” For those of you familiar with snapchat, it’s quite similar in its function, but different at the same time. Snapchat is used for pictures, and short written messages within the picture, although you can also do some video. Glide is geared toward video SMS. Snapchat deletes the messages immediately after the receiver views it. Glide is more sequential in nature, and creates more of a conversational flow. It should be noted that using Glide the messages are sent and received at lightning speed, ridiculously fast!

I can appreciate the value in this type of communication, but I don’t think that I am fully on board with this just yet. The app is cool for a quick fun message, but as a reliable means of communication, I’m not sure that we as a society are ready for it yet. I dig it, don’t get me wrong, but one of my main issues with this type of communication (not the product) is that it creates privacy concerns when having conversations. For instance, I can send you a message that says, “I miss you, can’t wait to see you tonight,” via text, and no one is in my business. If I do it over video, then whoever is around will be listening in on my conversation.

In this era of Apple Facetime, Google hangouts, and Skype, which provide immediate two way conversational flow, a sequential video app like this seems kind of redundant to me. Although it would probably work nicely when it comes to leaving a video message for the viewer to watch later. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Facebook or Apple acquires this application in the future. Remember I called it first!

I like the application. I’ve been using it with the few people that I have as friends, I look forward to the continued advancement and user adoption of applications like Glide! Check it out!

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6 years ago

RT : Video messaging with GLIDE. #video #messaging #app #glide #text #texting #sms @glideapp #review #produ…

6 years ago

RT : Video messaging with GLIDE. #video #messaging #app #glide #text #texting #sms @glideapp #review #produ…

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