Violence in the NYC Subway

Watch this violent beating on the NYC subway. This is not a rare occurrence in NYC, one of the biggest anti-gun states in the United States of America. The powers that be would rather have you take this type of beating, complete with multiple attackers, kicks to the face while you are down on the ground, and a bunch of laughing idiots in the background, rather than to be able to defend yourself.

This guy made quite a few mistakes. Look at his casual manner when the aggressor closed the distance, he simply wasn’t prepared for the attack. He was sucker punched off-guard, trapped by the door, made a half assed attempt at “mushing the attacker” and they jumped him. This is typical of the thugs in NYC, never fight fair. I experienced this many times growing up, beat up and jumped, just like this guy. Today, I am so aware; it’s not even funny. In any case, for those of you that tell me “There is no violence in NYC anymore,” or “You don’t need a gun, Angel, you are paranoid.” I leave you with this.

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