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Virgin America Review (SF to NYC)

I have to say that these guys have done a great job with branding! In respect to making the overall flying experience pleasant, as well as all the associated processes, these guys have by far surpassed any other airline I have ever flown with. This Virgin America review may change the way you think about flying! Maybe? Check it out!
First of all, it was really cool coming to the airport check-in, encountering a smiling face, some awesome music, and a chic vibe. This definitely makes standing on line at the airport a far more pleasant experience. That initial check-in was awesome. Uhm, should I mention that they also had an ice cream tasting event at the terminal? #coconutblondambition Uh, yeah, ice cream! Although, once you get past them, and you enter the TSA security area of the airport, then you go back to the painful, dull experience that we all know and hate. Dismal elevator music, power inflated TSA agents, and long, tiresome lines. The airport itself can take a page or ten out of Virgin’s marketing strategy.

Now on to the inside! You know that boring safety speech that all airlines give you? Well, these guys made a freaking song out of it! How cool is that? Very impressive.

On domestic flights, there is no free food service, the airline provides you with some beverages early on during the flight, and that’s pretty much it. If you are hungry, you can order some food using the on-screen system, but that is a very limited service. However, in a pinch at least you have the option to get some food. My wife and I opted to bring our own food and snacks. We brought a teriyaki rice bowl from Wakabi Sushi & Noodle.

virgin america food

One of my gripes with this flight was the bathroom situation. There are only two bathrooms for an entire packed flight like this one is today. They are located all the way in the rear of the plane, and though I got lucky once, usually there is a significant wait to use the facilities. Furthermore, because you know there is a extremely long queue waiting, it makes the process highly uncomfortable, especially if you have to drop a deuce. You know what I’m saying? Poop son, I’m talking about poop!

I want to say that first class has maybe 12 people at most, but the bathroom in the front is only accessible to them. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that these people have paid for the luxuries associated with first class. However, when you have a packed plane like this, frankly, I don’t really give a crap how rich you are, or how much you paid for first class, we should be able to relieve ourselves and not have to stand around for long periods of time waiting while these pinheads aren’t even using the bathroom. Not cool at all, in fact, I felt like starting an airline revolution about the bathroom as I painfully stood on line waiting.

Other than that, traveling with these guys was very smooth. The flight was uneventful. The staff was friendly and courteous, and the experience was quite pleasant. We’d definitely travel with these guys again if the price is right. Try and travel light though because luggage check-in is not included, that’s an additional $25 per item checked in! However, if you happen to forget to grab your luggage at the end of your trip, they may call you. My wife received a phone call about retrieving her luggage, which we both happened to forget about. That was a very nice touch, much appreciated!  

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6 years ago

Virgin America Review (SF to NYC)

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