Vogue Smacked By Lupita Nyong'o

Check it y’all, I ain’t gonna come on here and act like I’m some sort of expert, or activist for or on African hairstyles and culture. What I am, is a Boricua from the Bronx who just saw Lupita Nyong’o smack the crap out of Vogue magazine for claiming that she got her hair inspiration from Audrey Hepburn.

Hair Inspiration. Check. @vernonfrancois @voguemagazine #metball2016

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She did it in a very classy way, but her message was “No dummy, she took that inspiration from Africans. Hell is wrong with you?” These mainstream magazines, just like the mainstream media, often miss the point, or are just entirely ignorant to reality.

Next thing you know, Vogue and others of their ilk are going to credit this outfit to one of the many white actors that Hollywood has chosen to play an Asian in a film!

Ladies and gentlemen, I wonder if this outfit was inspired by Brad Pitt’s amazing portrayal of Mao ZeDong!

chinese outfit

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