The Walking Dead: Why I hate Noah **Spoilers**

This is just going to be a rant of epic proportions. In case you didn’t realize it from the title, there are spoilers. You have been warned.

First of all, I have to say, Noah, you are a fool! I don’t like you. You are totally responsible for the death of my man Tyrese. Bro, did you really expect your home to be unscathed by the apocalypse? Bro, THE WHOLE WORLD IS AFFECTED! Did you really think that your freaking block would be the one block that wasn’t overrun? Seriously? BRO! SERIOUSLY?

noah walking dead

Noah, I want to beat on you man, I want to beat on you bad. You couldn’t even make it back to the group without ending up on the floor being attacked by zombies. You are a pansy bro, and you piss me off. Tyrese was worth 10 of you man! Look at this picture, dude is hiding behind Darryl. That should tell you the kind of coward this guy is. So why does he get to live, and you guys kill off Tyrese?

Walking Dead producers, you guys mean to tell me, that we lost Tyrese, in exchange for Noah? Tyrese had his moments, he could be a pansy and unstable from time to time, but the guy held it down when he had to. Noah, on the other hand, the guy should have stayed at Disney! He’s useless in the zombie apocalypse.


I think it is the general consensus among the fans that this episode sucked donkey butt. We are not happy, and we expect you guys to make this up to us. “It’s better now.” Really? Is it? Is it better now, Walking dead Producers? Ugh, you guys pissed me off on this episode! You’ve done it before, but this one takes the cake!

You are lucky that you guys are still better than that horrible show Z-Nation! Thank you, that is all. Rant over.

PS: Stop making Michonne break down! I know you are trying to make her all emotional and weak, stop it! Stop it right now!

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