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TVTalking: The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 6 “Live Bait”.

I have to talk about this new episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead. If you haven’t been watching the series, then you should stop reading here because I will be sharing what could be spoilers on this one. There won’t be any direct details about what happens in the show but by reading this you will get an idea of what’s going on, and you might not want to. So, you should stop now, otherwise don’t get mad at me!

So the loco in the cabeza governor made his return on this episode. As you may remember, the governor was a very evil man, he did a lot of bad things and hurt a lot of people. In essence, he pretty much killed half the town of Woodberry, at least half of them! The guy was on a power trip, and he is a certified nut job, anybody watching this show knows this.

However, in this episode the show did a really good job of showing this man’s humanity; they almost made you feel sorry for him. I found that to be very interesting, I almost liked the guy after this one. See, someone who doesn’t know his past would think that this is a really good guy. Hell, they almost convinced me that he’s a good guy after watching this episode. However, I just couldn’t get pass the things I know of this man. I mean he killed a lot of people, a lot of people. He’s manipulative, man; this is just one screwed-up evil dude. There is no other way to put it, is there? I can’t say I blame him; the end of the world has a way of screwing with people’s heads; I get that.

I’ll be damned though, I tell you these guys did a really good job of making him appear human in this episode. However, I know too much about this man, and I’m not buying what they are selling. He may do some good things now, and I respect him for that, props to you pal. I can appreciate that he’s helping these helpless people out, but I cannot forget the evil things he has done.

As far as fillers go, and episodes that kind of deviate from the show’s current path, this was a pretty good episode, and it really made me think.

I really do wonder what the governor’s next move is going to be now that he has a child and another family in tow. Do you guys think that he could possibly work his way back into the prison? I highly doubt that he and Rick will ever be able to see eye to eye, see what I did there? I said eye to eye, cause he’s missing one eye. Yeah, clever I know. I stopped reading the comic, I’ve been following the series via the television show, so I’m very curious to find out where this is going.

What do you guys think is going to happen now that Martinez and the governor reconnected?


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