Walking During Group Classes


A couple of days ago, I was in one of my group fitness classes. This particular one was kickboxing, and I was in the process of kicking and punching pretty hard.

Someone, a fool, decides to walk into my punching space from behind. Fortunately for her, I noticed her jumping in my way before I threw another shot. But she was very close to catching one of my straight punches to the chin.

My question to you folks is simple, are people that stupid? Do they not realize that most of us are punching and kicking? Do they not realize that those punches and kicks will hurt? Do they not realize that if they are coming up from behind, that WE DON’T SEE THEM?

I do my best to be careful in training, avoiding people, etc. However, people like this one, it seems to me like they want to get hit. Are they are so cocky and full of themselves that they think they are immune to getting punched by someone who didn’t see them? Or are they simply that stupid?

Friends, group fitness classes are a great thing, but please be careful, and for crying out loud, do not jump in front of people when they are punching!

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