Wanderlei Silva On Jose Aldo And The UFC

If there is one fighter that has earned respect time and time again, it is Wanderlei Silva. This man is a beast, and I still remember seeing his very first fight, bloodied and beaten down, Wanderlei and his opponent continued to fight on!

So when Wanderlei Silva talks about the fight game, you’d better listen.

Recently Jose Aldo had to pull out of a championship fight due to a broken rib. The UFC doctors claim that it wasn’t a broken rib, while Aldo’s doctors say that is.

Wanderlei took to his youtube channel to express his thoughts on much of the slandering that has been directed towards Aldo for pulling out of the fight. Some individuals have questioned whether or not he was truly injured. This does not sit well with Wanderlei Silva, as you will see in this video.

This is a powerful plea to fans of the fight game, and the sport. Please listen, and if you feel what Silva is saying, then please share out the video! I agree with him 100%! BJ Penn and other fighters have also expressed support for Jose Aldo.


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