What I learned from Kaila Yu

These days, I don’t know much about what Kaila Yu is doing. Last I saw from her, she was in a rock band. But before that, Kaila used to make these sort of soft core strip videos. I had downloaded every single one that had made its way to the internet, and well, she was fucking hot.

Anyway, many other adult entertainers used to get on AOL to chat with fans and in some cases sell private shows, etc. I don’t recall if she did the privates, but she was on AOL and we connected early on. We are not connected anymore, but I’m actually connected to a few old school adult entertainers including Nina Hartley, Vanessa Del Rio, and Ron Jeremy via twitter. By the way, I never saw Kaila do porn like those folks, just to be clear on that.

Anyway, one time I was talking with Kaila over AOL, and I was babbling about myself. At one point she told me to pause, and then she said the following to me:

“Angel, I know that you are nervous about getting to talk to me, but you’ve only been talking about yourself. You’ve been telling me about all of the things that you do, yet you have yet to ask about me. It’s not all about you, and this is not how you talk to a lady.”


I was embarrassed and I realized that she was right. In my haste to try and impress her during the little bit of time that I had talking to her, what I was in fact doing was turning her off to me.

Believe it or not, this is a lesson that I carry with me to this day, especially when talking to a woman. I make a valid effort to get her to talk about herself as we engage in dialogue. I apply this to all facets of life, and I learned it during my early 20s while talking to a beautiful woman who was probably lusted after my thousands and thousands of both men and women all over the globe.

I don’t regret how things went down, it’s not like I ever stood a chance with Kaila Yu. However, I am extremely grateful for the life lesson she provided me. I don’t know that I would have absorbed it so quickly had it come from someone else under different circumstances. So indirectly, whether she knows it or not, (though I didn’t date her) I’m sure that Kaila actually helped me get some action when  I was a single man. This is my thank you for that life lesson. I wish you continued success.

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