What To Do When Lost In Step Class!

So you finally muster up the courage to take a step class. You set up your step, and you wait for the instructor to begin the routine. It starts simple enough, basic left, basic right, V step left, V step right. You are doing great, then all of sudden the instructor says “diagonal to  turn step, turn step stradle turn, over the top, mambo, and pivot to around the world.”


There will be times that you cannot keep up with the teacher. Maybe you didn’t hear the command, maybe you don’t know the move, or it’s just a matter of learning the new choreography. Whatever the reason, here is my advice to you, DON’T STOP MOVING!

If you get lost while doing the routine, don’t sweat it, (well, you should be sweating, yeah) return to the basic step and just stay on beat. Keep your heart rate up by continuously moving and take a moment to watch the feet of someone who appears to know what they are doing.

It drives me nuts when I’m in a step class and I see people standing around trying watch or to pick up the routine. Don’t worry about keeping up with the routine, that’s all secondary. The primary goal of doing step, or any form of cardio is to get your body moving and working. If you stop to look at someone, your heart rate will decrease and you’ll lose the benefit of the exercise and continuous movement. Keep moving!

When in doubt, hold the basic step. Don’t worry about how you look or who’s watching you. No one cares that you screwed up the step routine, they are focused on their own work, so focus on yours!

Remember the primary goal when working out is to improve you, to keep moving, not to look cool or always knowing what you are doing. I am talking to you from experience here, I started step classes after years off, and I’m relearning some of the moves, and a new routine. But you know what I am doing the entire class? MOVING! Let’s go, move!

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