So Close Yet So Unaware.

This weekend I spent time with my family, it’s always very nice to hang with the fam. I love sharing advice, stories and different perspectives with my loved ones. I especially love teaching the younger ones who are just now entering into manhood. I also enjoy to listen to their stories too!

During one of our conversations, I made an interesting discovery. I learned sometime ago that my middle sister and my mom did not see or perceive most of the things that I experienced when living in the Bronx. When I shared stories with them of the abuses I received, or the things that I did, or were being done to me, they were shocked and surprised. “We had no idea that this is what it was like for you.”

I suppose I wouldn’t be coming home and asking my little sister for advice on why I was being tormented in school or the block. I had an image to uphold, I was the big brother after all! But I found it very interesting that both her, and my mom seemed to be surprised at some of the things I experienced while growing up in the same household.

Know this, kids are very stubborn, especially teens. They will seldom ask anyone for help, or share their pain, particularly the pain that is experienced coming up on the streets. No one has any idea how close I came to being that kid who snaps in school! Thankfully my mother eventually realized that something was off, and she got me the help that I needed at the time.

Parents, friends, siblings, be vigilant!

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