When my puppy asks for help

My beautiful Peppa has been learning how to communicate with me in her own way. It’s so cute when my puppy asks for help! This morning as I was taking my a.m pee and poop she comes over and starts to whine. I look at her and ask “What’s wrong baby?” She just looks at me with those pretty little eyes of hers and just stays there staring at me.

I put my hand near her mouth, and she drops a hard, large-ish treat onto it. She looks at it, then at me and she whines again. I know what the baby wants. She’s small, and her mouth is not all that strong, so she has a hard time breaking down some of the harder treats. So I take it, and I start to break it into little pieces as I’m pooping. She then gets happy and eats the little pieces as I cut them up for her with my fingers.

It’s so cute and sweet that the baby knows and relies on me to help her that way. Having the love and trust of a small, cute, defenseless animal like that is extremely touching. I love my pup, and I’ll always cut up those little treats for her.