Why Are Our Soldiers Dying?

rip soldier

This picture breaks my heart. The truly sad thing about this, and what troubles me most, is that this young man probably believed that he was fighting for a noble cause. That is the true tragedy in all of this. Though I admire, respect, and I am eternally grateful for this ultimate sacrifice, I can’t help but feel that he may have given his life, simply to benefit the powers that be and their never ending greed.

That infuriates me to no end. I’m sure that what I am saying may offend some people, but if you really think about it, you’ll know I speak the truth. I am in no way attacking this troop, this brother of mine, nor am I downplaying his sacrifice. Lord knows I am grateful for him. But acknowledging that we, the American people have been deceived time and time again, by a corrupt government, one that doesn’t give a damn about you or me, or guys like this amazing hero, simply acknowledging this takes nothing away from what he has done.

What I hope acknowledging this does do, is prevent more situations like this one from happening. Our men and women should not be dying. Children should not be left without parents! None of this should happen, unless we truly have no choice, but to fight. And I think that most of the recent wars, have been wars to benefit those people in power, not the American people. That’s why I say this now. I honor him, but I hate that he lost his life due to this greed.

I have always said, condemn the wars, support the troops.

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