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Why don’t you block right wingers?

A friend asked me why I don’t block some right wingers who they perceive as white supremacists? One even suggested that I was a low key supporter of white supremacy because I was surrounded by so many right wingers.

Let me be clear on this point, no, I don’t agree with or support white supremacy. In fact, most of those same people who they say I support spend their day calling me a racebaiter and attacking my posts calling for equality.

I know a lot of these folks from my days as a right wing commentator. Yes, you read right. I was a Republican, and I supported the right wing on many issues. I left the party because I felt we were not in sync when it came to social issues. However, I don’t believe in removing someone from my circle because they have different political views.

I don’t support Trump, but I don’t believe that supporting him automatically makes you a bad person. Some of you refuse to remain connected with someone who supports Trump, and you have the choice to not be friends with Trump supporters if that’s your prerogative. I understand that you cannot and do not want people like that in your life and that’s your choice. It also happens to be my choice to do otherwise.

Some of these people I met online via my political work, but some of them are individuals who I grew up with and we have developed different views on some political matters. However, they are still the same person I’ve always known, and I’m not going to remove them from my life because I don’t agree with their political views.

In any case, does removing them change anything that they are saying? There are many people on my wall who say things I don’t agree with and I won’t delete them just because of that.

This is one of my issues with the left. If someone from the right says something on my page my left leaning friends get mad at me and they say that because I’m allowing it to happen that I must support it. Like I mentioned before, one guy said that I must be a low key racist cause of this. That’s just not true. Personally, I’d rather know what the opposing side believes so that I can adequately prepare to attack, defend, debate, or compromise. These friends are useful to me by informing me of what’s going on in the right.

I recently saw that Trevor Noah and Charmalane were being attacked for talking to Tomi Lahren, and it was the same type of left wing logic. If you talk to her, then you are evil and support her platform. Trevor Noah who is a mixed raced man who comes from a nation that had apartheid is a racist? Come on now, don’t be stupid.

I’ve seen some of my friends say some stuff that I won’t repeat about cops, some things that I’m sure most reasoning individuals would oppose. I had another friend imply he’d murder a guy on my wall, but I didn’t cut those guys off either. I do not under any circumstances advocate attacking “pigs,” unless they got away with some serious bull shit, then in that case I’d advocate for punishment.

My point is, it’s unfair to hold me accountable for the words of another just because I don’t cut them off or silence them. You don’t win a fight by silencing the opposition. The left loves to do that and that’s not cool. Trying to avoid the opposition doesn’t make them go away. It blinds you, I’d rather know what they are up to.

I hope this makes some sense as to why I don’t remove guys who are always attacking and against me on my own wall. It’s not cause I enjoy it, it’s because it keeps me aware. I had one guy refer to black people as the n word and Latinos as the s word, he threatened them and their family, that guy crossed the line and took things to a point where he was too comfortable in what he thought I’d allow. He went too far and he got blocked. As a rule, I don’t block someone for having opposing views, but if you are openly racist, then yes, I will block you.

I hope this clarifies things a bit better as to why I don’t block right wingers. If you are still mad, then that’s your problem and you do what you gotta do.

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