Why I cancelled the Zumba “Level Up” Program

So I’ve been thinking for sometime about trying the Zumba “level up” program. I’d been on the fence about it, but I bit the bullet and decided to go for it.

Now check this out…

If you purchase the program in the middle of the month which I did, they won’t let you use it until the next month. So if you sign up April 15th, they won’t allow you to use it until May 1st.

I mean, Zumba is a multi million dollar company, and you mean to tell me that you guys can’t invest in some basic I.T functionality to enable the function on the fly? You can’t implement an accounting system which simply calculates the date and charges an adjusted price based on when you purchase it?

I’m not a developer or a high level numbers guy, and I alone could easily implement this on my website or for a company. Why can’t Zumba do the same? Is it not worth the effort for $3 more a month, and if not, then why even bother starting the “level up” program to begin with? This made no sense to me.

So solely on principle, and because I thought this was the dumbest shit ever, I called and canceled my “level up” subscription right away. When I called up, the guy on the phone kept telling me, if you leave it on, it will kick in on May 1st. I know this bro and this is why I’m canceling. He then asked me exactly what prompted me to cancel, I told him that I was highly irritated at how lazy and ridiculous Zumba was regarding this policy. I wanted access then and there, absent that, then I don’t want it at all. All on principle of course.

I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to get it, then once I bit the bullet and purchased it, they put me in some pending mode where I’m supposed to wait over two weeks before I can access. it These fools basically made the decision for me by telling me I have to wait two weeks. Oh, word? I have to wait, then forget about it!

Zumba Fitness, you can do better!

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