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Why I kept Apple Notes

Those of you who read this blog know that I have been searching for months trying to find a Windows equivalent to Apple notes. I thought that I had the solution in quite a few different apps, the latest one being notion. However, Notion does not handle dictation well on the iPhone, therefore became unusable for me. There’s that and I am not in love with the app at all anyway.

After all my searching, I keep falling back to Apple notes, copying the new posts over and then trying again. At this point I am just tired of the search and testing. There are many great apps out there, but none function as well for me as Apple notes does. Especially considering the fact that I am still on an iPhone. It does all that I want and need but unfortunately doesn’t have a proper windows client. They say we can install the web client as an app, but that is garbage too. Without a proper app, I might as well just log in to the browser whenever I need it. And that’s what I’ve chosen to do.

I have come to this final decision because I spend most of my time on the phone. Most of my writing and dictation happens on the phone. So, if I have to pick between the pc and the phone where the app works best and is most useful, I’ll choose the phone. I would love to still be using a Mac, but I can’t play Call of Duty on a mac, or other pc games and I got tired of having multiple computers, that’s why I’m back on windows. But if I have the choice to stay on a mac and play my games, I wouldn’t think twice. 100% I’d still be running the Mac environment.

In any case, this is why I have opted to just keep Apple notes. If you’d like to read about the other apps I’ve tested, here are a couple of pieces on my journey, Notejoy, Evernote, and some more.

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