Why I voted for President Obama.

I live in NYC, when it comes to politics, NYS is one of the most liberal states in this country. It can be so liberal that at times I find it sickening. Yesterday as I stood on line to vote, I saw the typical Obama supporters, standing on line talking about how crappy the “republican white man” is. All this “white man bashing” happening while I stood on a line among some “white people” that also were supporting Obama. The racial divide is ridiculous.

As I stood there, hundreds of thoughts crossed through my mind, thoughts that ranged from “why am I even bothering”, to more trivial things like “I wonder if my registration actually went through”. My son’s last school was an insane madhouse, it was packed inside and the line outside was huge. I was glad to see so many people taking a stand and voting, though once inside I only encountered more chaos. Ultimately I found my designated place in the madness and filled out a paper affidavit vote, apparently my paperwork had not gone through.

As I stared at the little vote bubbles, I thought “we are facked no matter what happens”. Regardless of my choices, I know that President Obama is taking NYC, so why am I even bothering?  There were 29 electoral votes all for the President, regardless of my vote. Well here is what it came down to for me, and I truly, truly, truly  hope that I did the right thing, though I still believe my vote didn’t mean sh*t, at least I got out there and voted. To me it came down to the lesser of the two evils.

On this website I have been very verbal and outspoken about problems that I have with the Obama administration, problems ranging from “the fast and the furious” to his saying that we have “57” states. However, I also have problems with Mr. Romney and the current far right leadership. Major, major problems that simply cannot be overlooked.

Let’s examine a few of the major key points in why I went with Barrack Obama.

Mitt Romney openly said that “marriage” was a union between a man and a woman. He was rock solid on his stance on this matter and didn’t seem open to negotiate at all on this. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do believe that the word “marriage” is a religious term that indicates the ‘”marrying” of a man and a woman. I believe the religious people should keep that word, I don’t care, I am not “married” to the word “marriage”. See what I did there?  However, I also believe that my gay friends should be able to have a civil union to protect and honor their loved ones if they want to take that path. I don’t care if you call it marriage, civil union, or if you call it hakuna matata, but it should exist. This was a major factor in my decision making.

Though I don’t think he ever blatantly said “I’ll ban abortion”, as a religious man, it’s pretty clear that this was on the agenda. Pro life in essence means against abortion rights which means that you are against a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body. And though I hate abortions as much as the next guy, I believe that women should 100% have the right to choose. To be honest with you, except for the filthiest of trash, I don’t think any woman “likes” abortions, but they should have the right to choose. Especially when it comes to rape victims and so on. This is non-negotiable and yes, some of my republican friends have made some amazing arguments against abortion. Citing items such as “when is it murder”, and “is it the baby’s fault”?  However, I cannot support a world that would be led by a leader that would even entertain the thought of a rape victim being forced to have a rape baby. I’m sorry, I cannot, and will not support this.

Now, let me say this again, I know that NYC belongs to Obama. I hate that the election is a given in that way, but that’s a fact. As I stood on line I knew that Obama had this, but still I had to do my part. I have many complaints about Obama, however, with the exception of when Giuliani was mayor, and when Clinton was president I can’t recall a time when a politician’s actions directly impacted me or my loved ones.

As much as I mock “Obama Phone Lady“, and as much as I complain about “Obamacare”, those two programs have helped people I love. My dad is a senior citizen collecting chump change from social security after nearly 3/4s of a century busting his hump working for scraps. My wife, thanks to greedy business practices ended up getting laid off at least 5 times in the time we have been together.  Up until we got married she was always on her own company medical insurance, and since she kept getting laid off, she had to rely on “Obamacare” at one point to help keep her costs down. From paying potentially $600 a month, Obamacare helped keep her costs to about $100 or so a month.  Don’t quote me on the month aspect, I made that assumption but I could be wrong, her words were “Instead of $600 I had to pay $100”.

What would happen to good, hard working people like these if those programs went away? What would my mom have done when she was here alone by herself, struggling to try and raise two kids if programs like section 8 didn’t exist? I mean I understand that these programs are not free, I know “I am paying for them with my tax dollars”, and I get that this “may” hurt us long term, but we are here now and we have to live. And maybe, just maybe Obama is on to something?

I went to school, earned several college degrees, I served the country, I work full time and I earn a decent living, but even so I cannot afford to pay for phones for everyone in my family. Between my expenses, helping my mom, my sisters, my dad and my son, having the government give my old man a cheapy minutes phone helps!

Now it’s not as simple as black and white, and I don’t agree with Obama on everything, as would be evident to anyone that reads on this site. However, when it came down to some crucial points, I had to go with Barrack Obama.  I pray to God that I did the right thing.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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Very well written angel. The greatest thing about you is your ability to express yourself. I too voted Obama. As a woman and a minority, my freedom to make my own decisiona about my body are important. Controling a woman’s right to choose is wrong and I feel it can lead to dangerous consequences if they don’t have the resources to get the help they need. And my president has struggled in his lifetime. Who better to bring us thru another 4 yrs than someone who knows first hand what it felt like to live paycheck to paycheck.
God bless America.

Ian Aiken

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Ernestine Thomas

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Miriam Ivette Santiago

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Clarence Damon Willis

He has done what you speak of, and a whole lot more. You can’t let the assholes that milk the system (Because in any system there will be those that use it to their advantage.) or the media that only report on that negative aspect of his programs get to you. You stated specific ways that his programs helped you and yours. Arod, you are not alone. The majority of people that use the programs are like you, and not like what Fox and friends report. Romney and his cronies cry about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, and doing… Read more »

Angel Rodriguez

lol. I went with my instincts on this one Clarence.

Pinedo Public Relations

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Clarence Damon Willis

No, you went with your personal experiences. There is a difference. It is easy to sit on the other side of the fence and talk crap until you are kicked over the fence and have to deal with situations you were just talking crap about on a personal level. It’s only then, that things start to fall into perspective and you sit back and go… Hmmmm…


I completely agree with you! Very well-written!

Janet Hart

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Ed Altman

@Clarence – Huge LOL – “born with a silver spoon up his ass”. Thanks for the morning guffaw!

Bold Right Stuff

“On this website I have been very verbal and outspoken about problems that I have with the Obama administration, problems ranging from “the fast and the furious…” • So the Obama Admin gives all those guns to Mexican drug cartels – which killed hundreds of Mexicans as well as U.S. Border Patrol Agents – and then Obama uses “Executive Privilege” so he won’t have to release any documents on ‘Fast and Furious’ – and you still vote for the guy? Would you still vote for Obama if your brother was a Border Patrol Agent that was killed with a gun… Read more »

Steven L. Coard

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Phil Holtberg

Very well written feature Angel. One of your best. I felt you were heartfelt, and I applaud you for getting out there to vote. I strongly agree with what you are saying. The Romney’s of the world just are not part of the true populace of this country. I am sure is a fine family man and loves his wife & kids but his stance/platform on women’s rights, gay marriage, and healthcare just rubbed too many the wrong way. I hope we can all move forward now and make this country come together and grow strong. It won’t be easy… Read more »



You want me to vote for a you…a guy who fell for lies we got from Obama and the media – and doesn’t want to look at the FACTS that I posted above that FACTCHECKED your FALSE reasons why you voted for Obama?

Fat chance my friend.


As you know, you emailed me saying:

“you were gone during a critical time due to the Hurricane, so I reverted to my roots. Lol. I am still pro-gun though!”

Way to go there Angel….

Hours After Obama Win, U.S. Backs New U.N. Arms Treaty That Could Trample Second Amendment Rights

La Diva Latina Magazine

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