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Why so sensitive?

It seems that some people are simply lying in wait, biding their time, waiting for that moment where they can get offended at the simplest, most unoffensive infraction.

Today I shared a new post I wrote about a young man growing up in China. I shared this post with my Chinese friends, as well as some other asian and interested individuals. The share wasn’t to imply that I thought you are Chinese, or that you are from a rural part of mainland China, I was merely sharing a story that I thought some of these folks may find interesting. I mean, when the show “Fresh Off the Boat” came out, Asians went nuts, so why not for my post?

Look at what one person in particular wrote to me:

I think people need to educate themselves the Difference between Chinese AMERICANS VS Chinese FOREIGNERS from over seas.

This person was offended because she somehow concluded that I was saying she was from mainland China. First of all, I’m not sure how or why that could possibly be considered offensive, furthermore my sharing this with her in no way implies anything of the sort.

It’s like I said, some people just need a reason become offended. Well, to this person I say good riddance! Grow up, there are greater things happening in the world for you to concern yourself with. Why try to find offense in something that clearly has none? Unbelievable.

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