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It Will Become Normal To You

Remember that beautiful woman, or man that you wanted to date so badly? You spoke to them, chased them, courted them, did whatever it took to get down with them. Hell, you might have even played tennis! You want them, and you will do your best to get them. What about that amazing trip that you wanted to take? You work those overtime shifts, you deny yourself all sorts of desires, just to save up for that trip. The same can be said for those shoes that you just had to have! Once again, you did whatever it took and you “got” exactly what you wanted! Yes! Now what?

I don’t mean to objectify humans by using them in the first few lines, but whether or not we like how it sounds, many of us “want to get” someone. The “get” part of that statement and what it entails is between you and your maker. The point is that you “want” something or someone. We all do, it’s human nature to want.

Here is the point that I’d like to make, once you get something, nearly every single time, it will become normal to you. I’ve heard a saying that goes, “For every hot person out there, there is someone who is tired of their crap.” This has nearly always proven to be true in my life, and in my observations. So what is my point here?

Patience, my point is patience. You see, when you see that amazing thing that you terribly want, your instincts kick in. You are immediately overcome with the desire to get it, and you start plotting. However, if you know deep down inside, that it will eventually become normal, and it is just a temporary high and rush, then that perspective will not only prepare you for the possibility that you may not get it, it will also serve to take the urgency out of it. Patience.

This is something I have learned over time, and it’s true. No matter what it is, once you have it, it will become normal to you. That’s just life, and it’s a fact. So relax, be patient, and know that no matter how bad you want it now, one day it will become normal to you. So what’s the rush?

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