Wind River Review

Okay folks, so I was kind of on the fence about this movie. I remember recognizing one of the characters from “The Avengers,” Jeremy Renner aka Hawkeye. That immediately caught my interest, however the movie seemed to be like some sort of country film or something so I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to see it.

There is a female lead character there who also looked familiar to me and only now when I looked up her name did I realize she’s siblings with the Olsen twins, Elizabeth Olsen. I also realized that she plays Scarlet Witch on The Avengers. So this movie Wind River, has two of the avengers in it. I didn’t realize that until moments ago when I used google to find the movie cover.

All that being said I enjoyed this film. I watched it last night and it was pretty entertaining. It is quite heavy and does have some difficult and very real stuff in there. But it’s totally worth watching.

I don’t want to give out any spoilers about the movie but I’ll say that Renner is helping them figure some things out. He’s a very well-informed Fish and Wildlife Service expert, and he knows the woods, the terrain, the snow, and how everyone operates in this setting. Something happens that requires FBI intervention and the person they sent, Olsen, is kinda green and certainly doesn’t know anything about this area and their way of life. That’s how you get the duo of Hawkeye and The Scarlet Witch together again in the snowy mountain tops!

Again I don’t want to put any spoilers as my reviews are not meant to detail out the whole movie. I write to tell you whether or not I like the film and either to discourage or encourage you to go and watch it.

In this case, the movie Wind River, is definitely getting a “you should go watch it” recommendation from me. I have access to Hulu, Amazon prime, Netflix, and Kodi. I think that this one is listed on Netflix so you can go check it out. I don’t think you will be disappointed as it’s a pretty damn good movie with some pretty cool actors.

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