Without Remorse Film Review

This movie was pretty damn good. It is the film adaptation of a book by Tom Clancy so you know right from the gate that you are going to get some pretty cool military action going on. Of course you can also add to that the CIA or some other secret, covert government agency. Michael B Jordan did a pretty good job in his role as John Kelly as did the other characters. I really liked Jodie Turner-Smith who played Lieutenant Colonel Greer. By the way, I read that she was actually pregnant while filming this movie. If you’ve seen the movie and her role, you know that’s badass!

I’m wondering if this is going to be one of those films that has multiple chapters like most of the other Tam Clancy films. I bet if I Google this story that I will find several books with this particular character John Kelly. Let’s give it a try before I continue writing. Okay, it should come as no surprise that I was correct, however, it seems that they are commonly using the name John Clark in the books. It seems that there are even multiple universes? LOL.

This is one of those films where the government as usual, with art imitating life, is being up to no good and betrays people like you and me for some hidden bull crap agenda. The problem is that they chose to sacrifice someone who just won’t die! John Kelly and his team are the latest victims of this government betrayal, and of course you know my man is not gonna take that crap lying down now is he? Greer and the team set out on a path to figure out what the hell happened, the truth will not come as a shock or surprise to you. But you’ll need to watch and see what happens.

I enjoyed the film, it’s totally worth a watch. I will definitely watch any sequels if they come out with more of this universe/franchise. Really great work, and it just goes to show that Amazon is definitely stepping it up when it comes to their productions. Remember Jack Ryan, that was another great series they put out. Keep watching amazon for more great content.

My wife pointed it that it makes sense now to see Michael B Jordan doing those sexy Alexa commercials.

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