Woman sues the mother of a little girl killed in a car crash

I don’t know how real Judge Judy’s court cases really are. However, watching this one blew my mind. This wench of a woman (plaintiff) and her son, are trying to sue this woman (defendant) for damages to her car, and physical therapy bills for the kid after an accident where the defendant’s daughter was killed. “I didn’t tell them to take the car, she’s dead because of her own fault.”

Watch the video and draw your own conclusion. Wait until 6:25! Absolutely unbelievable.

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Renelita Castillo Montesano

Horrible horrible horrible! This mother with a child that is ALIVE, is not only lucky that her child IS alive, she is lucky that the other poor mother doesn’t sue HER for leaving the keys in her car and leaving it open to minors to take a careless joy ride!