Woman who lied about rape rolls eyes during sentencing

The liar pictured above appeared to be rolling her eyes and making faces as she was sentenced to one year in prison over lying about being raped. This wretched beast of a human ruined the lives of two young men who were in college, because her nasty ass wanted to be able to date some dude she liked.

Y’all understand this? She lied about a rape to try and garner sympathy from some dude she wanted to date. I guess she didn’t want him to know that she was a promiscuous woman.

This is the worst kind of human being that exists. Y’all know I’m very verbal about my stance against rapists, but women like this piece of trash make it bad for real victims, as well as innocent men.

I’m glad she’s being punished, and I’m glad that they are going to sue her as well. If she has any money, I hope they get as much of it as possible. She cost them practically everything. When a man is accused of rape, true or not, their lives are fucked. Even if they are cleared, the lie, the stigma, it really fucks a man’s life up. In this case, these guys lost their college careers, a football career, and lord knows what other opportunities. It is utterly disgusting.

I love it when rapists are punished, they deserve the worse we can send their way. On the other hand, I am also very pleased when a liar like this woman is caught and punished for lying.

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