When words heal.

A message came to me on my “arodomus” Facebook page. It was a compliment from a young man that is going through a rough time. He stated that the beauty and raw power of my poetry touched him.  He mentioned my piece entitled “Forgotten”. The video he saw was perhaps my most emotional, difficult pieces to get through to date. Included with his message was one of his own poems, a piece that illustrated to me the difficulties he’s experiencing, and the support he’s receiving. I encouraged him to record his piece so that I can hear it in his voice. We spoke back and forth for sometime. He seemed very content that I liked his work and for my advice to him as a poet. I felt extremely honored that my words, the words of a regular guy could have such a powerful impact on another person. His happiness made me happy.

Sometime ago I read “dear momma” in the Bronx when I met Rock Wilk.  After the show he approached me and said that my piece helped him complete his play “Broke Wide Open“. That too was a great honor, the fact that something I wrote for my mother made an impact to an established poet and somehow managed to influence his play? That’s huge for me! I can’t wait to see the play in its entirety! If you’d like information on “Broke Wide Open”, check out Rock’s website for tickets.

Yes, I am plugging my man Rock, and if you go buy the tickets like I suggested, you’ll see how amazing he is. I was already a big fan of Rock when I attended a workshop with him a few months ago, and that really sealed the deal for me. He helped me tap into a deeper part of myself as a performer, and the guy is just amazing. His work speaks for itself. Check this out:

Finally we have to talk about a young man that reached out to me on YouTube. He wrote me in regards to my poetry, stating how nice it was, and he also wrote about some musical videos I made with my son on youtube. He told me that he sees our great relationship and wished his own dad was there for him like that. It was a very touching message and I told him if he ever wanted to talk, or if he needed advice he could always reach out to me and I’d always make time for him.

To any of you that have been touched by my work, and to those of you that will be touched, I thank you for allowing me into your life. You honor me with your words and I hope that my work can help you on your path to wherever you are headed. Also, please reach out, I’m a very social person and I love engaging with everyone.

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