I wore a windbreaker in the winter

When I was in High School, we didn’t have lockers. Whatever you came to school with, you had to carry with you all day. This included your book bag, coats, lunch, and whatever else you carried. So I wore a windbreaker in the winter. You read that correctly, thinking that I was clever, I would wear a sweater and a very, very light windbreaker on top of it. My logic in this was that the windbreaker could be folded up and put into my back pack. The reality of it was that I used to freeze my ass off every day waiting on the damn 12 or 22 bus going towards Dodge. But hey, my life at school was simpler. I didn’t have to worry about the damn coat getting lost, damaged, forgotten, or more commonly: stolen!

These days my son is wearing a relatively light coat and a sweater to school. He says he’s warm, (and it’s much better than what I wore) but I worry that he could be cold. It reminded me of my High school days and how I’d freeze my badonkadonk off every day because I didn’t want to wear a heavy coat. I don’t know if his school has a locker, but I’ve been questioning him on how he feels regarding warmth. I told him if he needs a new coat, I’ll get it for him, I don’t want my boy freezing. But he claims he’s good.

This whole topic also reminds me of when I used to go clubbing, it was more or less the same thing during those days. Except that instead of inconvenience, it was about fashion and making my physique visible. Most of the time I’d check my light coat in and stay in my muscle shirt, but sometimes I’d just hide it behind a sofa or something at the club. Fortunately, it was never stolen or vomited on. However, when my coat was on, I still wanted to you to be able to see how fit I was at the club. So often, I froze my ass off!

Did you ever sacrifice your warmth for fashion? Or were you in a school where you had to lug your big coat everywhere?

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