Would You Snitch?

I have a question for you. If you are riding in a car with a friend, and you get pulled over, then they find an illegal gun or drugs in the car, what do you do? The minimum jail sentence for both of you if convicted of these charges is 5 years. Would you keep quiet and say “I don’t know where that came from,” or would you straight up tell them that they are not yours? The question is, would you snitch on your friend in a situation like this, or would you keep it street and stay quiet? I’m curious about your thoughts?

Here is my reasoning in a situation like this, it is very simple actually. I don’t do drugs, I do not sell drugs, and though I have guns, I own them all legally. I would not under any circumstances take the fall for the stupidity of any friend. In fact, I’d be furious with them for having that crap in the car and not giving me the option to opt out of the ride.

“Hey, ARod, I have some drugs in the car, just letting you know so that you can make the intelligent decision in deciding whether or not to ride with me.”

If you know I have a kid, a wife, and I don’t have any dealings with drugs and the sort, yet you expose me to that kind of risk, I would be extremely pissed of with you. I would definitely snitch on you, and would not take the fall for you. Not a chance in hell! No friend of mine would endanger my life, and the livelihood of my family in that fashion, so enjoy prison, biznatch!

What do you think?

By the way, here is a link to my podcast intro where I spend a few minutes on this topic!

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