Yellowjackets Season 1

Okay, so we finished season one of Yellowjackets. That ending is messed up for real. I mean, that is some heavy, trifling crap to have to carry for the rest of your life. Watch and you’ll see what I mean.

Anyway, let me tell you guys, even after finishing the show I still don’t know what the hell is going on. Like, what in the heck is going on here? I was hoping that by the end of season one we’d at least know what the supernatural element to this was, but nope that was not happening. I was hoping to know exactly what they did there and why they are hiding it. Nope, though I kind of know what they “did,” the extent of it, why, how and so on is not yet provided.

The first season of the show was fairly entertaining, but I really don’t like shows that leave us hanging this way. I would have liked to at least know what was going on by now. But they don’t provide us any closure in this season. By the end of the show, you are left with as many questions as when it started.

I understand that from a strategic point they want to make you come back again to watch the upcoming seasons, I get that. But I really don’t like it when they don’t provide some closure or clarity before a season is over. What if they show tanks or gets canceled? Look at what happened with Percy Jackson, we’ll never get to know where the films would have gone now because they canceled the franchise.

At least with Percy Jackson we can pick up the book series and get some closure. I’m not entirely sure what the source for Yellowjackets is though. In any case, that’s one of the reasons why I prefer movies to a series, they generally provide finality and some closure. The tv series tend to leave you hanging for years at a time before you get your updates.

All that being said, despite this initially appearing to be some teenager type show, I did enjoy it overall. Much to my disappointment, we were left hanging and will have to wait for the next season to roll around.

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