Yellowstone Review

You know if you had asked me if I’d ever be watching a series about Cowboys and farmers fighting for land and cattle, I might have laughed in your face. However, that is exactly what Yellowstone is about and over the past few weeks my wife and I binge watched the entire 4 seasons that are available on Peacock.

I think that most of us believe that the most popular channels have the best shows. However, they all get their content more or less from the same production houses. They pitch it and someone buys it or picks it up. I had no idea that peacock or paramount channels had really great content, but they actually do. I mean, I recognize the name paramount from films, so that does make sense. IMDB also has some great content, if you remember my Alex Rider review.

In any case, this series stars with Kevin Costner who is apparently one of Peacock’s big name stars. You’ll notice that each of the channels has quite a few movies with some big name as a recurring actor. Costner goes by the name of John Dutton and he is a 5th generation cattle rancher who owns a lot of land. The entire series is built around his family and their struggle to protect the ranch from Native Americans who want their ancestral land back, greedy developers who want to turn it into condos, and the many enemies he’s made along the years at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

I’m 4 seasons deep as of this writing, so I have so much in my head around the show, but I’ll say this. I really like Rip, despite his brutal ways and how off putting he can appear, Rip is a man’s man and he is loyal to the core. The dynamic between him and Beth Dutton is one of my favorite parts of the show. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna drop any spoilers here.

Personally, if I were Dutton, I’d sell the ranch for $500,000,000 and live myself a good life. But for him it is very important to keep the land even if it means losing the land. Yeah, so long as he doesn’t willingly sell it, then he has honored his promise to his father. You know, even if you lose it all and go from being super wealthy to poor, keep your promise. I think that is just ridiculous and he should think about his family and children instead of a promise he made decades ago. But basically, his stubbornness and unwillingness to sell is the premise of the show.

My wife and I are eagerly awaiting the release of season 5. I really enjoyed the show, and frankly I’m surprised that my wife enjoyed it as well. I don’t think she’s ever cared to watch any westerns or content of that nature. But she’s the one who put me on to this series. So there’s a surprise for you. I highly recommend watching this show, it is really good.

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