Citysearch – Acai Driving School (The worst)

[rating:0] Zero stars for these people, they are the worst business I have ever dealt with.

The posts below are from my blog and twitter, so it may read as such, but you’ll get the idea.

My driving instructor never showed for our appointment….

Post 1-
So for the 2nd time I get stood up for my date with the driving instructor. How irresponsible is this guy? Logic dictates that I should count my losses and move on. But what about my time? I am sure I can get my money and 5 hour certificate, but now its 2 mornings these people waste of my time.

I’m pretty fair and reasonable, too much so I believe in some cases, but I don’t like conflict and issues. So I try to do things easy. But 2 days in a row no show? No call, no nothing.

Now there are many ways I can handle this, most possibly illegal and leading to trouble, so I’ll try and work like the politicians and handle this through diplomatic measures..

I will call and see what they say and do. Then I will proceed to go online to any and all websites I can find and write up a review detailing this non professional behavior. I will also spread word of mouth about these guys. I think its b.s that a service provider not show up, I think its worst that they don’t call or give courtesy.

I wasn’t angry this morning though, I was expecting it, and today was more like a test for me to see if a 2nd chance was the right thing to do. Obviously I was wrong.

Acai driving / no show instructor school. Please never use these guys. There are many other places, and the instructor actually has showed up! Ie: Ferrari driving school, the driver showed up before, and he was nice enough. Say no to acai driving school. Cut and paste this anywhere and everywhere, let’s take these people down!

Again, the instructor just didn’t show up, no courtesy call nothing.

First class, no show, no call. So we rescheduled the class, again, no show, no call.. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and a chance to do things right.. I am done with them. How do you not show up, 2 times in a row and make no effort to inform the customer about it? How do you run a business this way? I will be going to the office, requesting a refund, and my 5 hour certificate.

So I told the lady on the phone that I wanted to get my money back and my certificate, card says they are open on Saturdays till 5PM.

I actually called and confirmed when they closed and the lady said earliest 330PM, so I was there at 310PM, even though their stupid card says 5PM.

So now I gotta wait at least another week to get my dough back, because. I work late hours. So annoying.


Don’t deal with these people, they suck. I went with Ferrari driving school after them, and I had a nice gentleman named “Alvaro”, he was great.

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