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I went camping with a group of friends. Some of us enjoy working up a sweat and getting a workout in. So we decided to give this place a try.

It was EXTREME! Hahaha.  Myself, my wife, and a few friends went through almost all of the courses together, only 2 of us finished the entire circuit. Myself and my crazy triathlon friend.

First you get an educational session where they explain all the safety protocols, and teach you what to do, how to work the equipment, and so on.

After that you are put through a very low, very safe trial course to learn the equipment better. I was with a few friends that were terrified of heights and I spent some time mentally and physically coaching them.

When you have passed through the trial portion then it’s on to the real thing. Now let me say this, though the park markets ziplining, this is not only pure ziplining, it’s a full fledge obstacle course. A very challenging one might I add.

Yes you do some zipping, but you also walk on tiny ropes with your feet, you climb across beams, steps, monkey bar like thingamajigs, swing, slide, slam into stuff, it is freaking crazy.

You have to be in some sort of shape, and you require strength in order to do the advanced courses.

The good thing is, that should you get stuck at any point a worker will come and retrieve you and lower you down to the ground. In all of your shame and defeat. Lol.

Towards the end, me and my bud helped each other out by kicking logs towards each other, and little rings for your feet when climbing across the last obstacle. I was actually afraid during that last stretch, my arms were drained, my feet exhausted, I was beat. I was scared not that I’d fall, but that if my foot got caught in a ring it could snap in two if I let go. And guess what? It did get stuck, it took all my resolve and will power to hang on to those that little rings while I shook my foot free. It was really crazy.

But man it was fun. I advise this, before proceeding in a course, look ahead and make sure you can hack it, us “men” just go for it, but had I not been able to barely hang on, my leg may have been toast that day.

It’s a great place, alot of fun, but be careful boys and girl. Eat your wheaties, drink water, Gatorade, and make sure you  are in decent shape. The course is intense.

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