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Citysearch – Alexander Hamilton House


Let’s face it, if you live in NYC, there comes a time you simply need to get the hell away from it all. Am I right or am I right?

I reached my point of near insanity and decided I needed a little weekend trip away from the madness of the city, my ridiculous neighbor’s kids and their relentless stomping on my ceiling, I just needed an escape.

So my fiancee and I packed up our bags, and head on up to Westchester and the Alexander Hamilton House. From the outside, the house looks normal to me, nothing outstanding about it. However once you enter, you can see a more rustic setting. I recall looking at and playing with a variety of hats from various eras and different countries..

The room we took was not “top of the line”, but not bottom of the barrel, but we were more than pleased with it, it was a large room, with a large bed, oversized furniture, and it felt like we were royalty in there. I enjoyed it very much.

When we stayed, Cyd Klein was the Inn Keeper, and I believe she is still there. Let me tell you, Cyd is one of those people that you will meet and immediately like. I made sure to get her information and friend her on facebook right away, because that’s how you know you like someone, facebook them. She had her pet Pitbull Bam there, and Bam was also awesome!

In the morning the breakfast was delicious and plentiful, we all ate at a large table and mingled and what not.

If you need a break from the day to day, take a trip up and check this place out. I’m sure you will enjoy it. We did, a much welcomed break.

It’s very close to Bear Mountain, so naturally we took a drive out there and spent a day in the mountain. It was a great time. If you go, then let me know if your experience was as pleasant as ours..

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