Business Review – American Museum of Natural History

Think back to elementary school, if you didn’t come here as a kid, then you didn’t go to school here. Now as a father, a husband, and a friend to tourists I find myself often returning here as an adult.

The dinosaurs look these days as they did during my younger years, the entry hall showcases the grandure of this location. If you look up you will be shocked at how huge and spacious the place is.

Once inside when you start to walk around through the different exhibits you once again come to notice the grandure and amazing size of this place.

Some displays are real, some are man made. However even the man made ones are done in such amazing fashion that you can’t help but second guess if it is in fact man made and not the real thing.

There is a section for dinosaurs, Japan, Asia, Africa, and probably everything you can think of. The place is huge and amazing, if you haven’t already been here, it’s a must do for anyone that comes to NYC. Resident or traveler.

They have corporate memberships here, the last few times I have gone I didn’t have to pay as my firm is a member. Check with your company.

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