Citysearch – Apotheke


After some time at another bar we decided to meet some friends here and check this place out. I’m glad we did.

This place was rather interesting. First and foremost, if you don’t literally guide me here, I’d have no idea this place neither existed or was open. It’s literally in as inconspicuous a location as a place can be. You won’t be wandering the streets, see the place and say “oh let’s check out this lounge”. You need to know that you are going there, and seek it out. Otherwise you’ll walk right past it, we did.

Tonight there was a gentleman playing popular music on the guitar and singing, he also played the saxophone and took his hand at making a few jokes with us. The live music was a nice touch.

A point to note for you beer drinkers, they only have draft beer at this
place. Their focus seems more on mixing up creative and interesting random cocktails. They were broken down by section such as, Therapeutic enhancers, mood enhancers and other cool creative names.

If you simply want some soda you are also out of luck, they only have coke on the menu. I wanted to try something, but I didn’t want alcohol, so I asked for a mixed juice drink. They mixed me up a juice concoction and it was still a fancy classy style drink. Tasted pretty good too. The folks behind the bar wore chef shirts and were rocking it making the drinks. The specialty here is definitely mixed cocktails of all sorts.

The interesting decor is something that will completely get your attention. Nice couches and white curtains throughout. The ambiance was dimly lit all over and gave me a chill mellow feeling. They have a rather interesting sink by the restroom that I had to play with. The bathroom itself had lit candles, was also dimly lit and smelled quite nice for a bathroom.

This is a very nice place. Myself and my fellow friends enjoyed it thoroughly.

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