Business Review – Ascend Day Spa (Update)

I am struggling here. I feel that ascend has very professional
service, they are on par with any of the spas I have been to before.
Great place.

Recently I had attended this location for a facial, the facial was
slightly different than the Asian places I have gone to. These guys
use squeeze methods to get things out such as blackheads and

The Asian spots I’ve gone to use little needles to poke and some
little scooper thingy to pop and scoop out the crap in your face. I’ll
tell you this, those things hurt like hell! I am not a fan, and that’s
the main reason I don’t do facials often. They hurt like hell!

But then I came here and experienced their method. I was pleased.
Somehow management got the idea that I was not pleased with my first facial.
This was not the case, I was perfectly content with my facial.

However I was offered a complimentary facial with the head
aesthetician, sure I’ll take it. Now this is where my conflict begins.
See overall the experience and service was just as good as my first

I had one very stubborn, deeply embedded whitehead, hell I didn’t even know
this thing could be removed, I assumed this thing was part of my face forever.
But she attacked it, she made a slight cut on it (she
showed me the little blade was new), then she got to squeezing. She
squeezed and tried for sometime, but the thing would not come out.

Now do you know what happens when you squeeze really hard around a pimple, etc?
The skin surrounding the pimple becomes loose and in some cases is completely
removed from the pressure around it.

That’s what happened here. I have a big circular scab on my face from
the incessant squeezing. It was particularly nasty. Then right smack
in the middle of it, there stood my damn whitehead. Mocking me as if
to say “Hahahah, I’m still here.”

Now my wife has the little Asian pocker instrument. I went to town on
the whitehead. Using the needle tip I was able to scoop out the damn
thing. It was hard and gross.

Now as I stated before, I’m not a fan of the poking the crap out of my
face, however for this type of whitehead it’s the proper method to
use. Now I don’t know the first thing about facials and I was able to
scoop it out within minutes of declaring war on it.

I know she tried her best, and aside from the scab on my face, she did
a great job. My advice to the folks here is to incorporate those
painful pocker tools for circumstances such as my whitehead from hell.
Because squeeze as she did, it wasn’t coming out. And I could
definitely do without that huge cut/scab on my face.

But live and learn right? The folks here are great people and I am
sure they will take this feedback and grow from it.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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