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Business Review – Barredo Massage Therapy

First things first, mind you, I have been to many massage parlors in NYC. My visits range from high end fancy smancy massage parlors to hole in the wall places that in some cases I just walked out.

If I want a real, proper, healing massage, then I hop my happy self to the subway and ride it on up to midtown and visit this gentleman.

To this day I have yet to experience a massage that was as thorough and as good as this guy can give. Most place massage your shoulders and back, but they have little to no knowledge of how to massage the front of  your body, nor do they know how the muscles work together with each other.  I’ve had some people press on my knees where I end up limping for a few days. Really? Really?

This guy knows the body in ways that most of these other places simply cannot compare. His knowledge of the muscular structure, bone structure and how they all work together are on par with any physical therapist I have ever met, and I know quite a few of them. He knows exactly what to do to help with specific pains. This guy is amazing.

If you want a real massage, and I’m talking about fixing stuff up that hurts, or simply relaxing, then you must give this guy a try.

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