Business Review – BBQ Village

All week myself and one of my coworkers have been talking about Korean BBQ. I thought it was more of a joke and didn’t pay much mind. However today shortly after my coworker left the office I received a text from him, it said simply “Korean BBQ, are you in”.

Shortly thereafter, me, him, his wife and my fiancee were on our way to Flushing. We arrived and were promptly seated. I felt like royalty, my friend was joking that they were treating us extra nice because I was the only non-Asian in there. It was pretty funny, the guy that worked there was rubbing my shoulders asking if everything was ok and if I needed anything. Pretty funny.

The food was delicious! The young ladies that worked there kept a watchful eye on on our korean bbq fire thingy, kept our meats cooking, cut the meat for us, and served us drinks as needed.

I didn’t feel uncomfortable or out of place at all, which happens to me alot when I am the only “non-Asian” somewhere. The scene here simply felt comfortable and enjoyable.

And most importantly the food was great. I’d recommend checking this place out if you are in the mood for some korean bbq. We had a great time.

Try the LA Kalbi and the Seasoned Kalbi, they were both delicious!

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