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Business Review – Best Buy

Best buy is a chain store. Electronics and so on. They are scattered all over the city, and lucky for me I have one relatively close to me here in Queens.

I confess that I have bought most of my electronics from best buy, it’s a guilty pleasure. (Against the advice from my team members at work due to the heavy price markups).

For some reason I enjoy going to the store, looking and playing with the items. At this particular best buy they have all the entertainment systems out for you to try, even the new xbox kinect. Today my son tried kinect bowling. The product looks pretty solid and I may be partaking in the near future.

I went over there to return an item that I had purchased and was not fully satisfied with. I had my receipt, all the original packaging and my trademark friendly attitude. I had no issue returning the item for a full refund. ๐Ÿ™‚ The customer service rep was friendly and helpful.

One thing you will want to note, make sure you read the receipt before opening your products, because some items such as video games, software, etc CANNOT be returned once they are opened, period, that’s store policy and it’s written on the receipt. I was able to return “rock band”, but that was because I had an extended warranty and the item failed.

Yes the prices are marked up, but if you want it quickly and don’t want to wait for new egg or slick deals, then why not hop on over to best buy.

At worst you can play a little kinect bowling and get out of the house.

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