Yelp – The Blue Flower


The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of this show is “different”. From the very beginning there is heavy use of foreign language accompanied by subtitles, this continues sporadically throughout the show.

One of my favorite parts was when Professor Max was giving his lecture in his language, it was not only a nice refresher on the war from a European point of view, but also entertaining in the way he spoke. If only my college professors were that entertaining.

Throughout the whole show you get the vibe that the play is taking place in a different era, in a different part of the world. They do a good job of conveying that.

The cast was very talented as is apparent from their vocals and their performances. The band is very good and I enjoyed their melodic tunes.
Max is clearly the star of the show, and deservingly my favorite character.

The set is made up of mostly wood, a few cloth items, and it works nicely. You are definitely transported back in time during the show.

Seating at the second stage theatre is adequate, it’s not a huge space and any seat is a good seat in my opinion.

If you’d like to get a taste of Europe in the early 1900’s, and see how a few friends lived, loved and died, check it out.

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