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I love reading. I love technology. One thing however that I have not yet embraced are E-readers. I still love, LOVE holding a real book! As such I will randomly jump into a borders and go through the books, I’ll buy 5 books, and read only one. Then repeat. It’s a wild pattern that I have, I really need to read my “other” books before buying any more new ones. Problem is that if I don’t read them when I want to, I lose interest and something new comes along that captivates me.

Considering my patterns, an E-reader would be practical, however I am still very much addicted to real books. I just love books. E-readers are pretty cheap, so I may bite the bullet and purchase one, but for now it’s real books.

Borders has been closing stores lately, unfortunately they closed my store over by Wall Street. That sucked. So in passing to the Knicks game I decided to jump in here and look for a book on “The Spartacus War”. I didn’t find one I wanted to purchase, in fact I only found 1 of them.

The gentlemen I asked for help said “I’ll show you the general section, but then you gotta find it”. I said, “uhm, ok then”. Useless pimple faced teenager. But that will not ruin my experience, I love being surround by books.

This borders is huge, multiple floors, massive real estate, and very very well located. I can’t see this one closing anytime soon.

What else can I say about the place? You need a book? Go to borders. Oh, I did tweet them about the Wall street store closing saying “what the hell do I need to go to BNN now”, and I received a very quick response from someone asking if they could assist me. Kudos for using social media for customer service.

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