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So I went here with my son, we ordered a few slices. I had one with extra cheese. When this thing came out, they guy may as well had dipped it in oil. I mean this was disgusting. So I took some tissue and tried to dab off some of the oil, the tissue was absorbed into the damn pizza. It was disgusting. No way I’m gonna eat that crap.

So I brought it back to the guy that worked there, I told him I can’t eat this bro I’ll have a heart attack. Please give me 2 regular slices and discard this. The guy hesitated, he had nasty look, he didn’t want to do it, so I persuaded him a little more. Dude look at this, the tissue disappeared into this, it’s disgusting. I can’t eat this I’ll die in this store, please give me 2 regular slices.

So he took them away and put 2 plain ones in the oven. I stayed there waiting, lest he decides to spit in my food. These were more acceptable. I ate my pizza. I thanked the guy, paid him and sat down with my kid to eat.

A little on the pricey side considering it’s just pizza on Queens Boulevard. Nothing fancy or outstanding about the location, nor the service. The food was so so, when not drowned in damn oil…

Anyway, for a quick fix when you are hungry it’s as good as any.

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