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Cabana on Urbanspoon
So today I returned to this oasis of pleasure with my lovely lady. We walked in hungry, and left feeling full and satisfied. The proverbial orgasm in my mouth is an understatement when it comes to this place.

Today’s order consisted once again of the mofongo, after discovering this beloved dish I don’t we will ever be able to overlook it again. I must confess though, the heavy starch in this “appetizer” left us both feeling quite full. And this was before our actual meals even arrived!

For my main course today I had the special, it was a fish dish, “Perch”. The fish was delicious! I can’t tell you how good this was. It was in a creole sauce, accompanied with onions, peppers and olives. The fish itself sat on top of a plantain that was flattened out to serve as a “bed”. It was accompanied by yellow rice and black beans. Now, when I think beans, I think gas!!! Nasty gas.. But these were not a lot of beans, it wasn’t overwhelming.

My fiancee has 2 very large pork chops. They came with the same rice and beans dish, and were also very delicious. The pork was not hard like most pork dishes I’ve had, it was actually soft enough to not require wrestling with the meat in my mouth.

All in all the meal was delicious. She could not finish her dish, and I couldn’t finish it either, so we doggy bagged it. The cost for everything including tips came out to around $70 or so. Which considering the portions and the deliciousness of the food is not bad at all.

Again, I highly recommend this place..

1 Previous Review:

I was out shopping with my fiancee for our Christmas tree stand, and
hunger kicked in! The stand must wait!

We were in the Austin street area so we decided to check out the ‘new’
places across the street from blockbuster, you know, the really cool
looking places. It’s where all the cool people go.

Being that we had Narita the day before, Japanese was not an option. We
looked around, then decided we had a craving for Spanish food. We
decided to try Cabana.

Immediately upon entering the ambiance felt really nice, I felt like I was entering a place “en la isla”, on the island. We were greeted at the door with big smiles on pretty faces and shown to our table.

I nodded to the gentleman and young lady across from us, he looked at me like I was crazy for nodding, and she smiled at me.

After this our waitress came over and engaged us. By the way, she looked so much like an old friend that I was in shock. I showed her a picture and she couldn’t believe it. Ah but I digress.

I ordered the “ropa vieja”, shredded beef with rice and beans, my fiancee had the salmon with rice. We also tried for the first time in both our lives “mofongo”, so yes I am one step closer to being a true Puerto Rican!

The food was delicious, this was definitely Spanish food! My first experience with mofongo was definitely a good one and I will most definitely repeat it. The salmon was exquisite, we both were shocked at how Spanish a common food tasted. Salmon is salmon right? But here they took it to a whole new level of Salmon!

The shredded beef was delicious as well. They also do the baked plantain chips here, and those were very good too. I never had them before, but I asked if they put salt in it, to please hold off on the salt for us.

I highly recommend this place for a delicious meal. The staff was great, the food was great, and the energy was great. We will definitely return.

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