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This was our meeting location for our Tri Boro Bus tour, I cannot give it a complete review because I felt we were there too briefly.

However I am returning tonight to this place and I will be able to provide a more fair assestment of the location.

I’ll say on first impression the place looks trendy (once you actually find it). They made me a nice fire lit martini called “The Suffering bastard”. I’m not a huge fan of liquor and I’m not a fan of martinis, so I wasn’t crazy about the drink, but I’m going to say that this is based solely on my preference in drinking rather than a bad product.

Tonight if I drink at all, I’ll try something that I like and provide a proper review..

**Begin updated full review**

Tonight I went to Cibar again for an unofficial event. This past
Monday I was there briefly for the triboro bus tour. I felt I did
not get to truly experience the place, so it was only right to check
it out again.

The atmosphere was quite nice, I enjoyed the setting. We had a table
and small area commandeered during our event. Quite a few people
showed up, so it was a bit tight, but that’s fine.

I met some new friends that showed up for the first time, and a few other Elite friends that came by from the makeover event I believe.

It’s a school night so I turned to my ever faithful sprite as drink of choice. One round was bought by a fellow friend, and the next was on the house. Thanks to both these guys for the hookup. The sprite here actually tasted like good sprite. *WINNING*.

The staff was very nice and accomodating. At one point I was jumping through the air doing a chest bump with a fellow friend and a gentleman that works there kindly asked us to be careful as said friend bumped into him as well. LOL. I apologized and told him we were done chest bumping.

Later in the evening I chatted with the same gentleman and another gentleman (Lenny I believe), very cool guys. I gave them my info and told them to keep in touch. That interaction really elevated the place for me. I’d return just to chat and chill out with these fellas.

I also bumped into a Credit trader from the firm there, we shot the breeze for a bit too, it was cool seeing another familiar face.

Simply put, this was a great place, run by great staff. And I made some new friends I believe. If I ever arrange an event at a bar or lounge, this place will definitely be on the list. I’m glad I came back.

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