Business Review – Dallas BBQ

On a nice Friday night, this place was packed. It’s typical of the
city though isn’t it? I came here with a coworker and his wife, we
drove around for about 30 minutes before finding parking. Then waited
about 15 minutes before we were seated.

I had the BBQ combo, shrimp, chicken, baby back ribs with yellow rice
and a nice piece of cornbread. I also had a virgin Pina colada.

The most surprising thing about eating here I must say was the speed
in which the food came out. It was pretty damn fast. Usually you wait
a decent amount of time before receiving your meal, but these guys
were pretty fast.

I was starving so the speed was welcome, but I can’t help but think
that there is some buffet style area in the back where all our food
comes from. Whatever the case, it’s fine with me.

The shrimp was breaded and tasted of garlic, pretty good. For the
chicken I opted for the dark meat, it was also pretty good. The ribs were
ok, definitely baby back. The rice was ok, nothing out of this world,
but just ok. That cornbread was pretty good. Hmm cornbread.

I’ve always seen Dallas BBQ as a touristy/mainstream spot, sort of
like a tgifriday or applebees, and I still feel that way. It’s a
chain, and nothing feels unique to itself. Aside from a few items on
the menu, you could have those things mostly anywhere.

Is it worth checking out? Sure why not.

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