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Business Review – Eastville Comedy club

Tonight I went to the Eastville comedy club with my yelp homie Garrett
P. I’ve been to this location many times before and decided to go
tonight as I had comped admission.

Once you go there they ask you for your email address in the guise of
a contest. They then use that to add you to a mailing list, and every
2 weeks or so they will send you an email telling you that you won 4
tickets to attend a show.

I think it’s a good deal for them and for us as well, everybody wins.
They get you in there, you are required to purchase a 2 drink minimum, they make money off of drinks and you save about $20 a head at the door! They make money, you save money. It’s not a bad deal to see some cool comedy acts.

*Do note that they have not spammed or otherwise abused my email in so far as I know.*

The venue itself is standard, Judah Friedlander described it tonight
as a “train station platform next to a swimming pool floor and a
child’s magic show all in one”. He was speaking about the velvet
curtain, light green wall and the train station style tiles that make
up the stand up area.

There are small tables and little chairs spread out. A few benches in
the rear as well. As always the closer you are to the front, the more
likely you are to become a victim to the comic’s humor. Also if you
get up to use the restroom odds are you will be targeted mercilessly!

So before leaving the office today I ate some spicy tuna rolls and
some spider rolls. As I sat through the first act of the show my
stomach began to vibrate and make rumbling sounds, I began to sweat heavily and get nervous. I didn’t feel good!

Oh no, I’m going to have to drop a load during the show! I tried to
ignore it and hold it, but it’s happening! I sat and waited for the
perfect moment to sneak out with the quickness! Ok, the comic on stage didn’t notice or care for my escape!

But when I got outside, I saw the host and a few other comics, they
looked at me and saw me disappear into the bathroom for some time. I came out, they saw me again. I thought to myself “oh man they are
gonna get me, they know what I was doing”.

But the night went on, all in question went up and noone called me
out. I’m glad noone paid attention to me, they could have destroyed me
for “taking a dump at the club”.

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Why would I suffer for 2 hours, and a
long ass train ride home. On that note the bathroom was pretty clean
too. The trash bin was overflowed, but that aside it was presentable.
Hehehe. I told Garrett where I disappeared to, he replied “epic”!

The drinks at the place were pretty good, I actually enjoyed my grey
goose and oj. The balance of liquor and juice was perfect. I also had
a sprite, and it tasted more or less like sprite should taste.

In so far as the acts, that’s always a hit or miss deal. I’ve been
there when the comics were absolutely hilarious, I’ve seen Donnell
Rawlins (Chappelle Show), and I’ve been there when the comics have

Tonight was a mixture of both. We had the humor of Judah, and this gay italian dude, which were both funny, and we had this lady who
continued to perform her “mom’s accent” which was so tremendously
annoying! It was loud, high pitched, really annoyed the crap out of
me. She really should lose that bit and the bit about the black thugs.
Neither are working out for her, terrible. I’m sorry, but it was bad.

All in all we had a cool evening just chilling and having some laughs.
Let me know if you’d like to check this place out, I’ll get you in
next time for free and you can get your name on the list for the
future invites.

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