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Unfortunately I am what you call a “yoyo dieter”. My weight fluctuates up and down, up and down. I go through periods where I am focused, training and in the zone! Then I go through other periods where I am eating like a pig.

At this point in my life this yoyo life style has not only become dangerous for my health, but also quite frustrating. As such I have entered into a permanent healthy zone. Using places like Fuel, I intend to reach my training and fitness goals.

On to the food then, shall we. Yesterday I had the whole wheat pasta with chicken and mozzarella. The dish was delicious! It tasted very good and I felt good eating something that was “healthy”.

Today I enjoyed their chicken teriyaki with brown rice and vegetable dish. It was also quite delicious and satisfying.

As a side dish I had their sweet potato ‘fries’ and a whole wheat pita, those were also very good. This was all accompanied by a delicious mango smoothie.

Most people feel that places like this are bland, tasteless and just an expensive lunch; however I believe if you give it a try that you will find this is as delicious as any other place you’ve had and won’t weigh you down the same way, physically or mentally.

Give this place a try, I’m certain that you will not be disappointed.

Enjoy and to our good health!

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