Business Review – Greek Street Meat Cart

You stand online, there is mostly always a line. You wait your turn. You reach the front of the line.

“Hi, I’d like a rice and chicken platter with onions and a pita please”

Mom cooks the food while Pop watches, helps and collects payment.

You get your platter along with a tasty salad and you go back to work or wherever you eat you lunch.

That’s where the magic begins. Aside from hot dogs, I never eat what we call “street meat”, never. But after trying this place once, that becomes except hot dogs and mom and pop.

The dressing they use on the salad tastes delicious, I can’t even describe it to you, you simply have to try it. The rice platter itself is to die for. When you eat the chicken and rice you are simply left in awe at how delicious “street meat” can be.

The best part of this place, $5 dollars gets your entire meal. Check them out, they are usually right outside where the New York Sports Club gym is at on Wall street. You will not be disappointed!

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