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I don’t know. I just don’t know. This place was really weird. I went here with my mom, sister, wife, son and fellow yelper Janeen B. Motley Crew extraordinaire right there. LOL. I thought JB would feel weird hanging with my fam, but she was just chilling, and seemed to be ok with it. That was cool, we had a fun time..  It was supposed to be a bigger group, but most pulled out last minute or simply said they were not coming. That’s cool, event must still go on!!!!

So again, I just don’t know… First of all, this is a place that they give you a ticket of sorts, you walk to the ordering area and you tell them what you want. They then mark it on your ticket and give you the food. My mom made a good point, “I just wanted to come have dinner and relax, this place takes effort, first figuring out how everything works, then going to get your own food, I just want to sit, enjoy food and be served.”. I just realized upon leaving I tipped them as I normally do, but NOBODY SERVES YOU! So basically I tipped them for nothing. My bad, eh? Well, I hope somebody enjoys the tip. Anyway I didn’t like the format either, and I can say with most certainty that none of us liked it. That’s my first gripe with the place…

Here are a few others:

Chicken was undercooked, I only ate the top because as I got in further into the chicken it was bloody. That grossed me out, bloody poultry, bad….  My wife’s was also bloody. Which takes me to my next gripe…

They didn’t bring us our doggy bags of chicken, they just discarded it. We were planning to bring it home and cook it a little more then eat it.  But they did not. Why, I don’t know, but we just said “screw it, wasn’t great anyway”….

The selection is not very kid friendly, particularly when dealing with a picky child as mine happens to be.

The sides were limited. I tried the bourbon mashed potatoes, holy crap that was a mistake. It literally tasted like bourbon, I don’t mean a hint of bourbon, I mean as if I poured a bottle of bourbon into your mashed potatoes..  That was just nasty, one taste and I was done with that.. Nobody wanted it either, that was a major fail.

I’d like to say something about the service, but there really isn’t any. You order the drinks for a pretty girl, then never see her again. The meat guy seemed eager to provide what we wanted, but also eager to keep us moving along.. The bus boy didn’t want to let my mom take out her classic coca cola bottle, something about using it as a weapon outside.. What? GTFO man, when he walked away I put the bottle in my bag, my mom wants her bottle, she gets her bottle. TOOL…

This place wasn’t terrible, I mean, it felt like a cafeteria with benches for seating, but aside from that, and the bloody chicken, it wasn’t terrible. But honestly, I don’t think I’d come back here again…  I’m sorry, this may be for some folks and that’s cool, but it’s just not my type of thing when I go out to eat with family and friends.  In the same area, then go to Blue Smoke, that was pretty good..

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